• As a participating merchant your actions are a reflection of the Mischievous Mayhem Hunt. We want you to have fun, but also expect you to be professional and courteous when dealing with others.
  • Issues with hunters or fellow merchants will be handled in private and not in group chat.


  • You agree to follow the hunt timeline to help insure a smooth preparation and hunt launch. Notify one of the hunt organizers if you’re unable to meet one of the hunt timeline dates. We’re very understanding and know life has priority over what we do here.


  • The hunt sign provides general information of the hunt and is included in the Merchant Welcome Kit.
  • The official Hunt sign must be rezzed, displayed, and set to the parcel’s land group as soon as possible.
  • The hunt sign must be displayed in a general location near the store entrance or landing point and remain displayed for the duration of the hunt.
  • Do not change the description, textures, or delete the scripts in the hunt sign.
  • Resizing the hunt sign is permitted.


  • The hint giver is mandatory and will be included in the Merchant Final Kit.
  • The hint giver must be rezzed and displayed with the hunt sign.


  • Hints are mandatory and need to be submitted in accordance to the specific hunt timeline.
  • Hints will be submitted via our online form.
  • Hints need to be relevant, but be creative and make the hunters work and think.


  • Your hunt gift should reflect the quality and theme of the merchandise in your store.
  • You’re not required to make a theme item your store does not sell. (Example; If you’re a merchant of women’s clothing then you do not have to make a male gift).
  • Hunt gift must comply with creator’s TOS if it’s from a template or full perm kit.
  • System clothing must include appliers.


  • The hunt object or parts of the hunt object should not be inside or partially embedded in another object.
  • Hunters should be able to pan and see the entire hunt object. (Example: If you put the hunt object inside a drawer, the drawer needs to be open so the hunter can pan and see the hunt object unobstructively.)
  • Placement of Hunt Objects: No more than 30 meters from the center of your main entrance or in cases of merchants that do not have a physical main store IE: they are in an open area like a forest, then it is no more than 30 meters from the landing point.
  • You may use up to 5 Decoys.


  • Hunt gift pictures will be submitted in accordance with the specific hunt time-line.


  • Merchants are required to have fun with this hunt.