• The Hint Giver is a sample of the Hunt Object.
  • Stores may have multiple gifts boxed together or hidden separately.
  • Hunt Objects are no more than 30 meters from the center of the main entrance or in cases of merchants that do not have a physical main store 30 meters from the landing point. 



Cupid’s Evil Arrow


Gift Legend:    M – Male    F – Female    U – Unisex


MAYHEM 01        M & F – Look for the beating heart! (Same Hint, but gifts are hidden                                                                                      separately)

MAYHEM 02        U – Weary hunters need a bath, sit and relax and complete your task.

MAYHEM 03        F – It’s not here… try upstairs around the photo studio

MAYHEM 04        M & F – I am about to be taken for a ride.

MAYHEM 05        U – I love to have tea in the garden.

MAYHEM 06        U – “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t                                                                                hurt.”

MAYHEM 07        F – Love can be a safe Haven.

MAYHEM 08        F – TARGET – New Releases

MAYHEM 09        M & F – Listen to the whispers as you enter.

MAYHEM 10        U – Warmed up by the flames of love?

MAYHEM 11        F – “It’s close to Midnight, do you feel Lucky? Take a seat and find out!”

MAYHEM 12        U – Come on DOWN to Timeless Textures to get your sweetheart a GIFT                                                                       for Valentine’s Day!

MAYHEM 13        F – Only time will tell …

MAYHEM 14        U – There’s a witches bed in the rafters?

MAYHEM 15        F – I heard it through this.

MAYHEM 16        F – A secret rendezvous.

MAYHEM 17        U – Babies smell really good!

MAYHEM 18        F – Love me Tender love me true.

MAYHEM 19        M – I’m the guy who spends 15 minutes staring out of the window                                                                                   wondering what to have for lunch. Robert  Webb                                                                                                 F – Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate;                                           only love can do that. – MLK

MAYHEM 20        F – Let there Be Light!

MAYHEM 21        F – Look for me near the Polka Dot Leggings

MAYHEM 22        F – Tatiana was Cupid’s other woman.

MAYHEM 23        M – Cupid used a bow & arrow not a Rail gun.

MAYHEM 24        U – Never throw stones in a glass house

MAYHEM 25        F – Gifts are always welcomed!