Locations & Hints


  • The Hint Giver is a sample of the Hunt Object.
  • Stores may have multiple gifts boxed together or hidden separately.
  • Hunt Objects are no more than 30 meters from the center of the main entrance or in cases of merchants that do not have a physical main store 30 meters from the landing point. 



Cupid’s Evil Lead Tip Arrow


Gift Legend:    M – Male    F – Female    U – Unisex


MAYHEM 01         – There is No Way Out!


MAYHEM 02         M / F – Cupid landed to his surprise no lovers to be found whispery                                                                                     voices scare away Cupid… Listen to the voices to find what you seek.


MAYHEM 03        SKIP


MAYHEM 04        M / F – How do you like your coffee?


MAYHEM 05        M Over Pine Ridge to Wounded Knee, blood on the ground as far                                                                                as you see..crazy life

                             F – She walks along the edge of where the ocean meets the land.


MAYHEM 06       U The cupid hid a gift in the breezy grass.


MAYHEM 07        U In darkness do I shine.


MAYHEM 08        F Is purple a villianess color?


MAYHEM 09        F – Check the hint giver.


MAYHEM 10        U – Weary Hunters, Take a seat and have a spot of tea, you will find me                                                                         close by.


MAYHEM 11        F – Cupid “Drew” his arrow and missed the target.


MAYHEM 12        SKIP


MAYHEM 13        U Hiding under a mushroom.     


MAYHEM 14        F – Do you have change for a five?


MAYHEM 15        F – Look underneath the stairs I say, the arrow is hidden there this day.   


MAYHEM 16        F – What does the magic 8 ball say?


MAYHEM 17        M / F – The guns at San Jacinto were fierce.


MAYHEM 18        F – Read between the lines. Then meet me in the silence if you can.                                                                             ~May Sarton


MAYHEM 19        F – I thought I saw Cupid gazing out the Window.


MAYHEM 20        M Lean her forward.