Locations & Hints


  • The Hint Giver is a sample of the Hunt Object.
  • Stores may have gifts boxed together or hidden separately.
  • Hunt Objects are no more than 30 meters from the center of the main entrance or in cases of merchants that do not have a physical main store 30 meters from the landing point.




Sand Dollar AKA: Sea Cookie or Snapper Biscuit


Gift Legend:    M – Male    F – Female    U – Unisex


MAYHEM 01        F – Do you have change for a five?        


MAYHEM 02        M Ramon Sanchez: “It’s in that place where I put that thing that time.:                                                                       ~ The Movie Hackers 1995    

                             F Angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection                                                                           to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night. ~ Ginsberg   


MAYHEM 03        U – I’d LIKE to be…….under the sea but you’ll only find me if you stop to                                                                       dance with me.        


MAYHEM 04        M / F Hear the siren’s song?


MAYHEM 05        F Look for the school.          


MAYHEM 06        F Anital seduces!          


MAYHEM 07        Skip       


MAYHEM 08        Skip       


MAYHEM 09        U Eyes on the prize! Or is it prize on the eyes?? xD          


MAYHEM 10        M / F – Though not nearly as vast as the sea, the fish still manage to                                                                                   swim in me.          


MAYHEM 11        F I bet you can’t find me.. I think I SPOKE too soon!         


MAYHEM 12        F When the Siren sings, You will find butterfly wings.        


MAYHEM 13        U Am I in the group?         


MAYHEM 14        F – And the Siren’s Song, that is your madness, holds a truth I can’t                                                                               erase…         


MAYHEM 15        U – Aw, look at the Squishie Octo!         


MAYHEM 16        U – Like the Sirens, you’ll find me near WATER.          


MAYHEM 17        F – A siren’s song turned me to stone – a Fairies love will help me heal.        


MAYHEM 18        U – See hint giver.          


MAYHEM 19         F Look to Santana, but not too hard – a starfish hanging in the yard.        


MAYHEM 20        F – Stars Shimmer thats always pretty.         


MAYHEM 21        F  She sings her Sirens Song, Seductively tempting, her Sensuous song,                                                                     entwining the heart strings of all lured by her stirring melody.          


MAYHEM 22         Skip         


MAYHEM 23         U Check the hint giver.       


MAYHEM 24        F All you need is a little romance.


MAYHEM 25        U How LUCKY are we? Such good FORTUNE.


MAYHEM 26        F – So you might want to sit down for a while and take a little rest.


MAYHEM 27        F – Let’s look out the window…


MAYHEM 28        F This is just as rusty as those stranded ships.


MAYHEM 29        M – You can hear the horror in their screams through the vents.