Locations & Hints

JRH Paff

  • The Hint Giver is a sample of the Hunt Object.
  • Stores may have gifts boxed together or hidden separately.
  • Hunt Objects are no more than 30 meters from the center of the main entrance or in cases of merchants that do not have a physical main store 30 meters from the landing point. 
  • Merchants may have up to 10 decoys in this hunt.



The King’s Gold Painted Rock


Gift Legend:    M – Male    F – Female    U – Unisex



MAYHEM 01         M – If I put these on, I can see clearly this is fake gold.                                                                                              F – Shedding some light on a deceptive King the truth comes out.


MAYHEM 02         F I gacha you babe…


MAYHEM 03         M / F – I defend myself from thieves here to steal my liquid gold, I reach up high towards the                                             sky in hope of fertile soil, I diet most of the year, saving my food for when its needed.


MAYHEM 04          F “Where the water runs, you’ll find the fun”.


MAYHEM 05          U – Check the hint giver.


MAYHEM 06          F – A nugget of gold in carpet lies, look closely so there is no surprise.


MAYHEM 07         U The dragon ate the brain and littered it among rocks.


MAYHEM 08         F Seductively she curses the King with her Kiss of death.


MAYHEM 09          U I found myself a comfy seat.


MAYHEM 10          Skip for Now!


MAYHEM 11         F Would a Princess hold fools gold?


MAYHEM 12         F Feeling a little batty.


MAYHEM 13         UWe had a jolly old laugh amidst the Spring CELEBRATIONS. 


MAYHEM 14         M Things are looking brighter.                                                                                                                                  F – You light up my life.


MAYHEM 15          M / F I am all new to this.


MAYHEM 16          U Look! They even give away stuff here…


MAYHEM 17          U Have a sip of pop, and rise above and find your prize! 


MAYHEM 18          F You are looking for “Information”.


MAYHEM 19          U Cause tonight you will be mine, up on cloud number nine.


MAYHEM 20          U New, Fresh off the Presses.


MAYHEM 21           Skip for Now.


MAYHEM 22          F I saw that sad girl from Parm using the Exit.


MAYHEM 23         M The hussy didn’t get far with the faux gold.