Locations & Hints

JRH Paff

  • The Hint Giver is a sample of the Hunt Object.
  • Stores may have gifts boxed together or hidden separately.
  • Hunt Objects are no more than 30 meters from the center of the main entrance or in cases of merchants that do not have a physical main store 30 meters from the landing point. 
  • You may start anywhere in the Hunt Paff. Mayhem 28 will take you to Mayhem 01.



The King’s Gold Painted Rock


Gift Legend:    M – Male    F – Female    U – Unisex


MAYHEM 01         F The kitties are not fooled by the fake gold.

MAYHEM 02         M / F – I am a unicorn.

MAYHEM 03         F – GACHA!! Oh GEE I’ll wait for ya to find me!

MAYHEM 04         F – Hey this matches!

MAYHEM 05         F The Jester should use this on the King.

MAYHEM 06         Bakes the King a special loaf of bread to make him break his tooth.

MAYHEM 07         F Beads are a girl’s best friend.

MAYHEM 08         F Watch your step..the Jester made a duck pond out of that?!?!?

MAYHEM 09         Don’t get shocked

MAYHEM 10         F Maybe a trident will help…

MAYHEM 11         M / F On top of the stack.

MAYHEM 12         F Such a cutie patootie!

MAYHEM 13         You find me under the light.

MAYHEM 14         F This case should help her store the memory of such painted                                                                                    Foolery…

MAYHEM 15         M Lena has a lot of extra clothes and wants to show off to Julian.

MAYHEM 16         SKIP

MAYHEM 17         F At Mirror Mirror we like the long mirrors the most.

MAYHEM 18         Zilla has a joke for you.                                                                                                                                        – Perhaps I can give you a hand..

MAYHEM 19         U Between the heavens and the deep blue sea.

MAYHEM 20         F Let me shed some light on where the gift is.

MAYHEM 21         M / F It’s a shoppers addiction. You can’t stop at just one.

MAYHEM 22         Come up and play! Meow!

MAYHEM 23         U – Deeeeeep in a candle tree stump somewhere in Ghost Town, you                                                                            may try you luck.

MAYHEM 24         F Gwen was always known as a joker I bet she stole your prize.

MAYHEM 25         U Welcome to HelaMiyo poses and Digital Eyes. You might need a fan                                                                         to stay fresh.

MAYHEM 26         F The Jester even went to Hollister one night to seek revenge.

MAYHEM 27         M She had time to Vent, now she seeks revenge.

MAYHEM 28         F Don’t be a fool – get to know someone before you get MARRIED –                                                                          make sure it’s a good FIT